About Ready City


There are many features of Ready City yet to be developed! Upcoming features include:

  • links to purchase recommended emergency equipment
  • assistance to help you budget for emergency equipment
  • detailed instructions of how to react during an earthquake
  • printable lists of gear, contacts and reaction steps
  • information about location-specific natural disaster risks
  • links to official government recommendations for emergency preparation
  • and more!

Anything missing you'd like to see in the app? Request a feature .

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This app is built with Rails and React/Redux. Details can be found at the official Github repo.


  • Is Ready City meant to help users prepare for all types of natural disasters?
    Currently, the focus of Ready City is preparation for earthquakes. While most of the preparations and recommendations are best practices for many types of natural disasters, earthquakes are emphasized and unique preparations for other disasters will be included in the future.
  • Where do the preparations and recommendations come from?
    All general recommendations come fromeither FEMA, CDC, or Red Cross. Specific gear recommendations come from [TBD].